You’ve come to the page about my web design and development services. If you’re on the hunt for someone with vast experience who can move quickly and do anything, that’s me. I am a full-stack (front-end, back-end) developer/designer.

If that’s not why you’re here and you’re just captivated by my authentic writing style, then I commend you for your curiosity. You are welcome to keep reading.

On to business.

Thermal Exposure provides unified branding through multi-media design, seamless user-experiences, custom e-commerce storefronts, shipping and logistical solutions, strategic marketing, and continuing creative support.

Please check out the links on this page for examples of my latest work (to the right on desktop, down below on mobile). There’s a lot more going on than a few static screenshots on a portfolio page can show.

Thermal Exposure Web Design & Development

I’ve been a web designer and developer since before most people had a computer in their home and long before smart phones were a thing. I’m a nerd. An old-school web slinger. But that’s not even half of it.

I not only build websites, I build brands.

I craft user experience across all touch points. I’m an experienced print designer, trade show booth designer, point-of-sale designer, logo designer, photographer, tag line thinker-upper, message-distiller, nail on the head-hitter. I’m a master of Adobe applications. I’m also obsessed with workflow and efficiency. I provide solutions for e-commerce, fulfillment, customer support and other logistics.

I provide solutions.

As an outside consultant, I bring perspective. I don’t presume to know anything, but it is my mission to understand your business well enough to distill your mission, vision, and values and communicate them with laser-focused precision to your customers in the language they speak. It’s about raising buyer confidence to the max.

The websites I build are almost entirely built in WordPress. WooCommerce is the e-commerce platform I highly recommend.

All of my websites are standards complaint (W3C and AA if you’re knowledgable about such things). The websites I develop are mobile optimized and the best in their class for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO (upper 90s scoring on PageSpeed Insights).

However, it takes a person with full-stack knowledge and years of familiarity with the plugin landscape to build a complete solution tailored exactly to your needs and achieve those results.

I can do all that.

Feel free to ask for a quote and let me know as much as you can about your project. I’ll be happy to break down a project scope into an hourly estimate and provide options for payment that will work within your budget. I can also provide plans that fit your priorities in a phased approach.

As a sole proprietor, I get that you want to spend as little as possible. That’s why I bring tremendous value. I may cost a little more on the hourly, but I will save you money compared to bigger agencies with more overhead and more heads in general slowing things down. I get things done for less. That’s why experience matters.

Ultimately, I think what you’ll find I am someone who takes the time to understand your business and speak your language, and I’m someone with a skillset aligned for execution. I’ll meet your goals while exceeding your expectations.

Latest/Current Website Projects:

UniVoip.com – Responsible for Branding, Web Development, Architecture, Copy Writing, Layout. Handed off.

American Camper Shells & Van Works – Responsible for Design, Architecture, Page Layout, Multi-Site structure for integrated/parallel businesses. Ongoing.

Metro-Board.com – Responsible for Web Content, Layout, Design, Architecture, E-Commerce, Shipping & Fulfillment Logistics, Content Management, Video, SEO. Ongoing.

Voltaic-Motion – Responsible for Logo, Branding, Trade Show Booths, Web Content, Layout, Design, Architecture, E-Commerce, Shipping & Fulfillment Logistics, Content Management, Video, SEO. Ongoing.

Puppy Panache – Responsible for Logo, Branding, Photography, Website Design, Layout, Architecture, E-Commerce, Shipping & Fulfillment Logistics, Content Management. Ongoing.

Rusty Cyborg Creations – Responsible for Architecture, Layout, AA Color Scheme, E-Commerce, Shipping & Fulfillment. Ongoing.

Laughing Buddha Body Piercing – Responsible for theme Design, Architecture, E-Commerce, Social Media. Ongoing.

Peoples Jewelry – Responsible for Branding, Site Design, Architecture, Wholesale E-Commerce Solution, Private Wholesale Buyers Portal, Store Locator, E-Commerce, Logistics, Social Media. Ongoing.

AxiDental Lab – Responsible for Branding, Site Design, Architecture, Layout. Handed Off.

Suntsu – Responsible for Logo, ReBrand, Site Design, Architecture, Product Packaging Design. Handed off.

Sakya.org – Responsible for Design, Architecture, Page Layout. Handed off.