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  7. Lacroix Lonestar Nazare SuperSport

Don’t pass up this opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on a like new Lacroix SuperSport!!! I will deliver this board to you in Southern California so you don’t even have to wait. If you have questions, find me on FB Messenger or email me at alex at thermalexposure.com.

Complete board
“Regular” 6-ply Deck
Complete set of custom RipTide™ bushings
8 amp charger
Hoyt Puck Remote

Questions? Send me an email or ask me on FB Messenger.



Tech Specs:

The Lonestar Supersport™ shares the same insane specs as the Nazare Supersport™, except for the battery which is double its size and the baseplate of the Hypertrucks™ which have an integrated riser (because adding one to the Nazare’s baseplate would be unaesthetic) to compensate the enclosure size.

  • Newly designed asymetrical deck with a lower angled rear “tab”, central flex, concave feet “pockets”, snowboard top sheets on the top and bottom of the deck and a triaxial fiberglass layer under each feet and tab. You can choose from 2 different flexes;
    • Regular flex (pre-planed 6 ply Canadian maple sheets -same flex as 5 regular un-planed plys) – good up to 250lbs.
    • Stiff flex (pre-planed 7 ply Canadian Maple sheet that has the same flex as 6 regular plys – good for up to 350lbs (and for those who prefer a stiffer deck).
  • Signature Lacroix™ carbon fiber enclosure.
  • Lacroix Hypertrucks™ with Self Correcting Speed Wobble Tech™; see details on the Hypertrucks™ product page;
    • Each board ships with 4 different pairs of custom made RipTide™ bushings that are good for any weight and ride style – from the lightweight slow carver to the heavyweight speed monster.
  • Flexible battery packs made of top shelf 21700 cells;
    • 12 amp charger with high-end custom connector. From empty to full in approximately 3 to 4 hours.
  • Range is approximately for a 200 pound rider.
  • Dual 6389 – 130kv motors;
    • big rotor bearing for increased rotational stability. Individually epoxied magnets for longer service life
    • you’ll get addicted to their deep, low pitch sound.
  • Stormcore 100D.
  • 8″ Kenda tires mounted on tried-and-trusted MBS Rockstar2 hubs – on road, offroad, they don’t care.
  • Full titanium “rainbow” hardware;
    • You’ll never strip another screw or snap another head again. They look awesome plus we’re weight-weenies so there.
  • 2x integrated removable front lights;
    • high end customized mountain bike lights (retail is usually $90USD each) with CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs that connect directly into the board’s battery with a high end waterproof connector.
    • up to 2000 lumens each (4000 lumens total). There are 4 intensities to choose from (200 lumen, 800 lumen, 1400 lumen and 2000 lumen).
    • Mounted to the Hypertruck with a custom Lacroix GoPro mount.
    • Rated IP65 (the lights, not the board, simmer down)
  • Unique Lacroix™ wheel pulley with integrated 6003 series bearing for high speed stability.
    • eliminates wheel wobbles.
    • Now included are custom bearing spacers for the Rockstar2 hubs.
  • Remote: Hoyt Midnight Puck Remote Control.
    • For those living in crowded areas or where radio-frequency interference is a thing, the Hoyt puck’s channel hoping technology will provide a more reliable connection even in the worst conditions.
  • Weight; just above 49lbs (22.2Kg).
  • Dimensions; 44inches x 19inches
    • resting foot platform on the deck is 31.5 inches between the angled “tabs”.
  • Max speed; don’t attempt it unless you wear full body protection on a closed course, safe environment. No Joke.
  • Water; if you get caught in the rain, ride slowly home and you’ll be fine. As always with high priced electronics, avoid water if you can.

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